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Update on the Glider Property


June 18, 2021 Update:

Here is a link to the board meeting on June 17th:

The board has decided to enter into negotiations with The True Life Companies


No decision on the sale has been made at this time.

We will be working on setting up another community meeting later this summer.


The agenda for the OGSD June 17th meeting has been posted:

Here is the link to the Request to Speak Form:

Zoom Link:

**You will want to comment on 2.4 which is being heard in closed session (If you want to speak on 2.4 you will need to be at the meeting by 5 pm, before the board goes into closed session)

It also appears that once the board comes out of closed session you can comment on item 3.5 which is the report of what they discussed in closed session.  (This would be after the board comes out of closed session, closer to 6 pm)

The Oak Grove School District has released a statement regarding the possible sale of the Glider Property, click here to read the statement

If you would like to have your concerns heard regarding the possible sale of Glider you can comment at the June 17th OGSD Board Meeting.  If there is no item on the agenda regarding Glider you will need to comment during public comment, if there is an agenda item for Glider you will want to request to speak on that item number.  As of today the agenda is not available, we do not know if Glider will or will not be on the agenda.

Click here to find the link to request a speakers card at the upcoming June 17th meeting. 

The OGSD may also set another date in June to discuss the possible sale of Glider, at this time no other date has been set by the district. We will send out an email to those on our Glider email list when/if we are alerted to another meeting in June.  If you want to be added to our Glider email list please email us at

If you would like some background information on the closure of Glider please click here

Please note that SJRHS is not advocating for or against the possible sale of Glider.  We see our role as informational and will continue to organize meetings for the community.



Community Meetings: 

Here is a link to the April 29th meeting recording: Glider #2 Meeting Video

Thank you to everyone who attended our Zoom meeting on April 29th! If you were not able to attend please click on the link above to watch a recording of the meeting.

Please click here for information on how you can send emails/weigh in on this issue. 

SJRHS is working on setting up another meeting this summer.  If there is specific information you would like covered please email us with your thoughts:


Zoom Meeting #2 regarding Glider School Property

SJRHS has set up a Zoom meeting so that our community can discuss the possible outcomes IF the property is sold and learn how we can influence and shape any possible development on the Glider property.  Lucas Ramirez,  Council Policy and Legislative Analyst from the D2 council office, will be joining us, as well as a number of other city and school officials. 

There are many "moving parts" to what could, or could not, happen to the Glider Property.  SJRHS wants to help facilitate open dialogue within our community and this Zoom meeting will be the first step. 


Thank you and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Jacquie Heffner/Karen Lattin


Here is a link to the recording of the Zoom Meeting #1 regarding Glider School Property:

(There were technical difficulties at the beginning so the recording starts after the intros.) 


What is the City of San Jose deciding regarding Opportunity Housing?

What is Opportunity Housing?


Meetings were held on 4/12, 4/15, or 4/22

Here is a link to the District 2, 6 & 9 meeting here: 

D2 D6 D9 Meeting

Other District meetings on Opportunity Housing here: 

Other District Meetings

You may have heard that the City of San Jose is in the process of determining whether or not there should be a city-sponsored study of Opportunity Housing.  Please note that the city is not yet looking at implementing Opportunity Housing, they are only seeking to decide if they should study this issue. 


There is confusion in the community regarding Opportunity Housing, what it is, what it isn't and why the city is considering a study of this policy.  If you would like to learn more about this important issue, please attend one of three meetings that are being sponsored by community members in San Jose. 


City staff, a group opposing and a group supporting will present at each meeting.  There will be time set aside for questions after the presentations. 


Thank you!  Feel free to share these links with anyone you think might be interested.


Jacquie Heffner/Karen Lattin


Hot Topics
Emergency Interim Housing
In response to the COVID-19 emergency and the City’s shelter crisis declaration, the City of San José is developing emergency interim housing for at-risk and unsheltered people, reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19 to them and to others, and providing future bridge housing after this immediate public health emergency recedes. Two such communities will be located in south San José at Monterey Road and Bernal Road, and at Rue Ferrari and 101. Residents have asked numerous questions and raised concerns about the plans, the speed with which the projects are being developed, the purpose of the projects, how they will be operated, as well as potential impacts to the surrounding community.  You can find out more here.
Here are some recent articles about EIH Housing in San Jose:
Opportunity Housing (from City of San Jose website)

As part of the solution to the severe housing shortage and to establish a transition area between Urban Village boundaries and surrounding residential neighborhoods, the City Council directed Planning Division staff to explore Opportunity Housing as part of the General Plan 4-Year Review.

Staff presented recommendations at the February, July, and August 2020 General Plan Review Task Force meetings. The staff recommendation includes:

  • Allow Opportunity Housing within the area approximately a half-mile around transit-oriented urban villages and/or on parcels that share a property line with lands that allow multifamily development; and


At the August 20, 2020 Task Force meeting, the Task Force voted to recommend that:

  • The City Council should explore Opportunity Housing for properties citywide with a Residential Neighborhood land use designation; and 

  • Staff should proceed with its recommended Opportunity Housing work plan and prioritize urban village planning.

Targeting late Spring 2021, Housing staff plans to present to the City Council both the recommendations from staff and the Task Force, a summary of public comments, and a feasibility study that looks at the economics of Opportunity Housing. The City Council will then consider whether to direct any further action on Opportunity Housing.

What is Opportunity Housing

Opportunity Housing refers to enabling multi-unit housing on properties with a Residential Neighborhood General Plan land use designation. In San José, these are typically properties in single-family neighborhoods.

Staff and the General Plan Review Task Force explored allowing up to four units per parcel that could include a mix of a single-family home, duplex, triplex, or fourplex for a total of four dwelling units on the parcel while generally maintaining zoning setbacks and heights. This type of development was allowed in San José prior to World War II and still exists in many older neighborhoods.

Opportunity Housing typically creates more affordable housing by design since units are usually smaller than a single-family home and are created on one parcel, saving land and infrastructure costs. 

In San José, approximately 94% of residential land is designated for single-family homes and only 6% is for multifamily homes. With a severe statewide housing shortage and affordability crisis, many people are forced to either live in overcrowded conditions or leave their extended families and move out of the region or to another state. The situation contributes to a statewide shortage of teachers and service workers. 

Here are some recent articles about Opportunity Housing in San Jose:

Potential Sale of School Properties

Glider Elementary School property has been listed for sale.  It is unknown at this time if anyone will purchase it or when that may happen.  It is also uncertain what would be proposed to be developed there.  SJRHS is of the opinion that community engagement around this potential property before the process has started is a positive thing.  We are planning to have a Zoom meeting to get the ball rolling.

Discussions are beginning in the City of San Jose related to how to treat Public/Quasi-Public zoning and possible rezoning of that zoning designation as a group versus taking each school site as a separate rezoning question.

Here are some recent articles about sale of school properties in San Jose:

Urban Villages


What is an Urban Village?

The development of urban villages is the fifth of 12 major strategies embodied within the Envision San José 2040 General Plan. Urban villages are walkable, bicycle-friendly, transit-oriented, mixed use settings that provide both housing and jobs. The urban village strategy fosters:

  • Engagement of village area residents in the urban village planning process

  • Mixed residential and employment activities that are attractive to an innovative workforce

  • Revitalization of underutilized properties that have access to existing infrastructure

  • Densities that support transit use, bicycling, and walking

  • High-quality urban design

Learn more about the vision for urban villages with this video presentation.

Urban Village Locations

The location of each urban village was selected through the Envision San José 2040 General Plan outreach process. These areas were chosen as the strategic locations that could best accommodate growth in jobs and housing.

There are four proposed urban village areas in District 2:  Cottle (already fully developed); Santa Teresa and Bernal intersection; Blossom Hill & Snell intersection; and Chynoweth & Monterey intersection.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 

Margaret Mead

Please check our events page for upcoming events in 2021! 
Our community is experiencing an  unprecedented rise in the cost of housing.  While the cost of housing has increased, wages have not kept up and this has contributed to our current rise in homelessness.


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