Bridge Housing Community 
Bernal and Monterey
(Emergency Interim Housing)
On April 21st, 2020, the San Jose City Council voted to move forward with two Bridge Housing Communities (BHC) in District 2, one at Bernal/Monterey and one at Rue Ferrari/101. 
While we are generally supportive of BHCs, there are concerns about these projects.  The number of people is substantially higher than the original BHC and the City is not guaranteeing that Enhanced Services will be provided.  SJRHS will direct our efforts to advocate for Enhanced Services as well as ensuring that this site and any future site is run safely, professionally and with minimal impact to the community.  
We must be clear that the process initiated by the city council was not transparent nor did the process allow for community engagement before the city decided to move forward.  Our city council person, Sergio Jimenez as well as D10 councilperson Johnny Khamis, both voted no on the proposal.  
Councilmember Jimenez preferred the site located on Rue Ferrari/101.  Additionally he was also against having two BHC in District 2 (until such time that every district in our city be host to a BHC).   We agree with both of these positions. 
The City of San Jose has posted FAQ's on Emergency Interim Housing, please  click here to read  the FAQ's.
Three years ago our community had the opportunity to support a BHC of 40 units at this same location.  Given the opposition in D2 the city decided to find other locations (one in D3 and one in D7).   The BHC in D3 has opened with 8 residents (with the ability to house 40 people) the D7 BHC is under construction. 
Due to the increased need for housing as well, as the pandemic , San Jose has determined that the Bernal/Monterey location will house twice as many people as originally proposed (40 units previously versus the current number of 80), as well as up to 120 people at the Rue Ferrari/101 location. 
SJRHS will stay engaged with our community, City Departments, the site vendor and managers for both sites.  Our intention is to help create/maintain successful bridge housing communities which will provide those who are unhoused an opportunity to transition to permanent housing. 
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 

Margaret Mead

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Our community is experiencing an  unprecedented rise in the cost of housing.  While the cost of housing has increased, wages have not kept up and this has contributed to our current rise in homelessness.


San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions is a community based group welcoming of all views.  Join us at the table as we seek to find ways to work together on housing solutions for the low income and homeless in our community.

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