San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions (SJRHS) seeks to bring residents of San Jose together to actively support solutions for homelessness and housing insecurity.


We are a community-based group which welcomes everyone to the table as we listen and learn from each other with the intent of working together to create a better community for all who call San Jose home.

San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions (SJRHS) is a group comprised of residents of San Jose who seek to work with the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County on housing solutions. Our group was formed out of a desire to seek solutions to end homelessness in an open-minded, creative and community-based way. 


Homelessness has reached a level where it has become a public health and safety issue for all community members, both the housed and un-housed.  We must take a new approach to address this issue. 

Please feel free to contact us at:

Jacquie Heffner 

Spokesperson/Media Contact

Karen Lattin

Community Outreach 

Robert Aguirre

Houseless Advocate Advisor


Kristin Taylor

Social Media 

Marie Arnold

Community Activist

Trish Carlin

Jake Brenneise

Amy Duer-Georgiades

Brian Gurney

Greg Peck

San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions is a community based group welcoming of all views.  Join us at the table as we seek to find ways to work together on housing solutions for the low income and homeless in our community.

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