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San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions (SJRHS) seeks to bring residents of San Jose together to actively support solutions for homelessness and housing insecurity.


We are a community-based group which welcomes everyone to the table as we listen and learn from each other with the intent of working together to create a better community for all who call San Jose home.

San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions (SJRHS) is a group comprised of residents of San Jose who seek to work with the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County on housing solutions. Our group was formed out of a desire to seek solutions to end homelessness in an open-minded, creative and community-based way. 


Homelessness has reached a level where it has become a public health and safety issue for all community members, both the housed and un-housed.  We must take a new approach to address this issue. 

Please feel free to contact us at:

Jacquie Heffner 

Spokesperson/Media Contact

Karen Lattin

Community Outreach 

Robert Aguirre

Houseless Advocate Advisor


Kristin Taylor

Social Media 

Marie Arnold

Community Activist

Trish Carlin

Jake Brenneise

Amy Duer-Georgiades

Brian Gurney

Greg Peck

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