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No On B

Stop The Deception



San Jose Measure B (The Evergreen Homes Initiative) is a misleading petition which will change property zoned for industrial to residential.  The initiative would also change our current planning laws allowing future developers to develop land without public input, independent environmental review,  and worse.  

This initiative has submitted signatures to qualify for the ballot in June 2018, we should know in January whether or not it qualifies for the ballot.  The proponents of this initiative know that voter turnout for June primaries is usually very low and will make it easier for them to get this passed.


If this initiative were to become law the changes would be applied to all of San Jose which could well open up Coyote Valley to residential developments which could drain our city services as well as destroy our open space. 

Click here for an editorial that was in the Mercury News.

And here is more background information on the situation from SanJoseInside

Here is a memo from Mayor Licarrdo which highlights the problems with this initiative. 

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