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 If you know of a good study, report or article to add to this list please send us the link. 

New Report:

Here is a very recent study done on a Tiny House Village in Denver, CO which shows how successful this concept can be:

Colorado Village Collaborative’s Beloved Community Village

Here is an article on Beloved Community Village:



The Housing Ready Community's Toolkit County of Santa Clara

A new resource for those working to support new housing for

people in our community who need it most.  Progress, facts & research all in

one place - plus ways you can join the fight to end homelessness.


Home Not Found: The Cost of Homelessness in Santa Clara County

The largest and most comprehensive body of information that

has been assembled in the United States to analyze the public

costs of homelessness (Economic Roundtable, May 2015)

Santa Clara County: Community Plan To End Homelessness

2017 Santa Clara County Homeless Survey and Census

2017 City of San Jose Homeless Survey and Census

Bay Area Rent Increases Leave Wage Gains in the Dust

Wage gains have fallen far behind skyrocketing costs for housing, a gap

that’s emerged despite a robust job market in recent years,

according to an unsettling report released Monday.

(Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group, July 2017)

Tent City USA 2017

The growth of America's homeless encampments and how communities are responding.

Report by National Law Center On Homelessness and Poverty

Santa Clara County Measure A Housing Projects Fact Sheet

November 2017

Homelessness in the Bay Area

October 2017

Report from SPUR on homelessness in the Bay Area which offers many solutions, facts

and figures which help us understand the problem and how we can get to solutions.

Affects on Neighborhoods

There Doesn't Go the Neighborhood

There Doesn’t Go the Neighborhood: Low-Income Housing

Has No Impact on Nearby Home Values. (Trulia, Nov. 2016)

Low-income housing doesn’t hurt property values, says report

This article has a number of references indicating that low income/affordable

housing does not drag down the value of housing. (Curbed San Francisco, Nov. 2016)

Community by Design: Skid Row Housing Trust

Two sides to every story.  But the second article below is a good example of what we

don’t want to happen and what SJRHS is working to prevent in the first place

by being actively involved in shaping our housing solutions. (Myles Kramer, Vimeo, August 2016)

Eye Opener: Massive Shakeup Hits Skid Row Housing Trust … Too Little Too Late?  

(City Watch, July 2016)

Housing First or Treatment First?

CHHS study demonstrates housing program helps save lives, money  

Study on housing first vs. treatment first  (UNC Charlotte, March 2014)

Permanent Supportive Housing for Homeless People — Reframing the Debate

This is an interesting study, by medical professionals, who do not think money is saved

by Housing First, but feel that the positive outcomes are as critical as any cost savings.

   (New England Journal of Medicine, Dec. 2016)

A ‘Housing First’ Solution Could Actually Stimulate Homelessness

Another reason why many different programs need to be implemented. 

We need lots of tools in the tool shed and not one size fits all.   

(Huffington Post, May 2016)

Four Clarifications about Housing First

Does anyone really think homelessness is safer than housing? 

Richard Cho OF USICH provide some clarifications on Housing First

(United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, Richard Cho, June, 2014)

Stories from the Street

7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless 

Things no one tells you about being homeless (Author was homeless for a few months)

  (Cracked, Nov 2013)

Alameda County deputy helps man get state-issued ID card

Alameda County deputy helps man get state-issued ID card  (ABC7 News, Dec. 2017)

This LA Musician Built $1,200 Tiny Houses for the Homeless. Then the City Seized Them.

(ReasonTV, Dec. 2016)

Path SJ - Housing Stability & Wellness Program

PATH San Jose discusses their Housing Stability & Wellness Program made

possible with funding from Destination Home.  (PATH SJ , Vimeo Dec. 2017)

Fifty Years: Fifty Stories

Eden Housing is celebrating 50 years of providing affordable homes for individuals and families throughout California. To mark this milestone, they will be sharing fifty of their favorite stories.

Homelessness as a Social Issue

Why We Need to Stop Shaming and Start Helping the Homeless

(International Policy Digest, Katie McBeth, July 2017) 

Harnessing the Power of Collective Impact to End Homelessness

United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, Jennifer Loving, Jan. 2018)



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