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San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions has found the following information on a website which is sponsored by a local group.  Why are we posting this information here?  Because this same group is actively engaged is putting out the same type of false information on many other issues in City Council District 2 (Charities Housing proposal on Blossom Hill, Bridge Housing and Warming Shelters).

We feel it is important for the public to see how a false narrative is created by groups whose intent is to sow fear into the community by distributing information which is untrue.  

Below is the wording on this groups web page (in black) and our corrections, with links, in red.  



Faster than a speeding train, the City, once again, proposes yet another low income property within the same small stretch of D2.

The City of San Jose is not proposing any of these developments, VTA is the agency which owns the property and is researching the possibility of converting some parts of the VTA Parking lots into housing and commercial developments. 


VTA is a separate governmental agency from the City of San Jose and is independent of the City of San Jose. 


None of the sites listed below are in San Jose City Council District 2


The proposed VTA sites are:

  • A triangular 5.5-acre park-and-ride lot along Highway 87 and Curtner Avenue near the Curtner light rail station. This location is in District 6

  • A 3.89-acre parking lot at Chynoweth and Pearl avenues near the Ohlone/Chynoweth train stop. This location is in District 9

  • A 7.59-acre park-and-ride lot along Blossom Hill Road at Canoas Creek, in south San Jose. This location is in District 10.


So let us get this straight, the City proposes (again, not the City of San Jose, the agency is VTA) two low income housing units (Proposal would be for housing developments )at on an already blighted and crime-ridden part of Blossom Hill Road, two tiny homes complexes of 40 persons on Monterey Road at Bernal and Branham (within the already blighted UPR and HSR corridor) to add to the already placed warming center (Cottle) and section 8 housing complexes (for example, Ford Road). Where is Sergio?

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