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Emergency Interim Housing Update February 2021

From the EIH page (City of San Jose Housing Department):

In response to the COVID-19 emergency and the City’s shelter crisis declaration, the City of San José is developing emergency interim housing for at-risk and unsheltered people, reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19 to them and to others, and providing future bridge housing after this immediate public health emergency recedes. Two such communities will be located in south San José at Monterey Road and Bernal Road, and at Rue Ferrari and 101. Residents have asked numerous questions and raised concerns about the plans, the speed with which the projects are being developed, the purpose of the projects, how they will be operated, as well as potential impacts to the surrounding community.  More information can be found here regarding those questions.  

Residents starting moving into the Montery Bernal EIH in Summer of 2020.  Members of the EIH Advisory Group got to go on a tour of the site in October 2020.  Here are some photos of the tour.

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