Bridge Housing Update 3-5-2018

From the Bridge Housing Community Page (City of San Jose Housing Department):

"On March 5, 2018, the Housing Department has released an Information Memo to the Mayor and City Council today announcing the removal of the Bridge Housing Communities (BHC) candidate site identified on Hellyer Avenue in District 2 from the list of potential BHC project locations. For the past two years, the City of San José has been in discussion with the County of Santa Clara on a possible land trade for property needed by the City to widen the roadways at Martial Cottle Park as well as Branham Lane and Snell Avenue. Recently, the City and County identified several City owned parcels meeting the County's requirement to complete the land trade. These parcels of land included the Hellyer Avenue site identified as one of the top three BHC sites.


While the Housing Department believed that the Hellyer Avenue site could still be utilized for a BHC once transferred to the County, the City has now learned that County funding restrictions require that the site be used for park purposes only. With the land trade between the City and County reaching its final phase of negotiations (terms of the transaction will be presented to the City Council for approval this spring), and the use restrictions defined, the Housing Department has decided to remove the Hellyer Avenue site from the list of potential BHC locations.


The Housing Department is not proposing a replacement site for consideration at this time. Staff will continue to evaluate the remaining two candidate sites identified for BHC. The March 1 community meeting that was originally postponed to accommodate the larger number of residents will not be rescheduled."


Bridge Housing Update 2-12-18


Today the City of San Jose Dept. of Housing announced that they will move forward with three candidate sites for a Bridge Housing Community.  San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions is cautiously optimistic that the City is taking a step in the right direction by finding three candidate locations that fit the established criteria. 


The three candidate sites will now go through a CEQA environment review process before one candidate site will be chosen as a prototype site.  The District 2 candidate site has greater setbacks than the criteria required and is zoned Industrial Park.  The two previously listed candidate sites in or near District 2 have been removed from the list. 


SJRHS Supports many different solutions for housing our unhoused residents and Bridge Housing is just one more tool for addressing the problem.  Thank you to the City of San Jose Housing Dept. for continuing to work towards finding a bridge housing solution under very trying circumstances.  We need to keep working towards solutions to end the problem of homelessness.  SJRHS will remain engaged with the City of San Jose as the process moves forward and we look forward to the community outreach meetings.

Please note that the date has been postponed.  As soon as we have a new date, location and time we will post the information. 

Below is a link to the Memorandum from the Housing Dept and a Statement from District 2 Councilman Jimenez:

Housing Dept Memorandum on Bridge Housing 2-12-18

Councilman Jimenez Statement on Bridge Housing 2-12-18


What is Bridge Housing?

Bridge Housing is temporary housing that provides a bridge between being homeless and permanent housing.  It is comprised of non-conventional housing in temporary structures that are reserved for homeless persons and families, together with community support facilities such as common bathrooms, kitchen and meeting areas. 


Temporary housing structures can include emergency sleeping cabins, tiny homes, modular housing, container housing, sheds and other non-conventional structures. An emergency bridge housing community includes supportive and self-sufficiency development services, has the ultimate goal of moving homeless persons to permanent housing as quickly as reasonably possible, and limits rents and service fees to an ability-to-pay formula similar to  requirements for subsidized housing for low-income persons. 


In San Jose, the commonly used term for bridge housing is tiny homes, however, the so-called tiny homes being proposed by the City are actually Emergency Sleeping Cabins, as defined in AB2176, the law that allowed the emergency bridge housing to be used as a temporary solution to house some of the homeless residents.  In San Jose, the law requires the City to match each resident of an emergency bridge housing community to an affordable housing unit identified in the city’s housing plan that shall be available for the resident to live in, on or before January 1, 2022.


Building adequate affordable housing is an expensive and lengthy process, and we can no longer accept that nothing should be done in the meantime. This is a critical paradigm shift that is long overdue but finally finding some traction.

Below are links which provide information on Bridge Housing.  Please note that your best source for accurate information is at the City of San Jose website.

Please note that the city has not determined where Bridge Housing will be placed, nor has the cost been finalized, nor has there been a determination regarding who will live in the first Bridge Housing Communities.  

The City Council will be revisiting this issue in early 2018 to determine where Bridge Housing may be developed within San Jose. 

City of San Jose Housing Department Bridge Housing Page

San Jose Residents for Housing Solutions is a community based group welcoming of all views.  Join us at the table as we seek to find ways to work together on housing solutions for the low income and homeless in our community.

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